Who We've Helped

Every year, we help doctors and medical students overcome their financial difficulties in order to continue to practise medicine.

Hoosai Manyar

Dr Manyar is a Core Surgical Trainee in Chichester. She got a degree in physiology and pharmacology at King’s College London, but decided she wanted to pursue a career in medicine where she could continue to have patient contact, and so applied and was accepted for a second degree at King’s, in medicine.

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Julia Avery

Julia Avery is a medical student who is taking medicine as a second degree and has recently received a grant to help her continue her studies.

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Lida Amer

Lida Amer is a refugee from Yemen. She received grants from BMA Charities to pay for her PLAB exams and GMC registration.

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Helal Attayee

Helal Attayee is a refugee doctor from Afghanistan. He received a grant from BMA Charities in 2015 to pay for his GMC registration and medical degree document translation costs.

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