About us

We are a mix of medical professionals and business people who want to help fellow doctors train and develop their careers in the UK health system.

Our Board comprises both working and retired doctors who have practised in hospital settings and General Practice and understand the pressures and day to day demands of the profession. We are committed to helping other doctors and medical students who are in financial need in order to benefit them and, ultimately, their patients.

BMA Charities is uniquely set up to help in ways that other funds cannot. We are special in that we are able to help doctors outside of the NHS, in particular refugee doctors. This means we can offer fully qualified refugee doctors financial assistance in order that they can practice medicine instead of taking a job where their talents are wasted, and encourage medical students to stay on their course instead of leaving. In some small way, by offering this help, our grants contribute to the vital business of reversing the current shortage of doctors within the NHS.

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