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Donate to the BMA to help doctors – past, present and future. People working in medicine spend their lives and careers helping others but are sometimes in need of assistance themselves. Your donation can help these people, so that they can continue to work and train as doctors even in times of personal hardship.

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"When my 96 year old retired GP passed away recently, as his daughter, I was casting around for the most suitable, apt and fitting charity for mourners to contribute to in his name. He had devoted his life not only to his practice - and indeed medical politics, in which he served actively, - but also to the encouragement of any fledgling GP lucky enough to come into his orbit."

"Whether through early mentorship, advice and guidance (amongst aspiring patients, friends and acquaintances alike) or importantly, providing crucial professional traineeships, his wish was always to promote careers in medicine. In particular, his overriding aim in life was to further the cause of excellence in general practice however he could. So it was a no-brainer. As soon as I heard about the BMA Charities support for medical students, I knew it was the ideal fit; the perfect vehicle through which to pass on my father’s legacy, by helping produce the next budding generation of GPs, so critically needed now."