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BMA Charities offer tangible support to doctors and medical students who are in financial difficulty. We also provide assistance to doctors from overseas who are refugees within the UK, and we help future colleagues who are still at university studying to be doctors.

BMA Charities is an independent organisation which helps doctors and medical students in times of financial distress. We help all doctors and medical students, not just BMA members. If you are training or working in the UK then we may be able to offer you support.

A four week process

from the receipt of a fully completed application

Our help ranges from assisting medical students with work placement travel costs to supporting refugee doctors in order that they can qualify to practice in the United Kingdom, for example paying exam fees. Applications are accepted all year round except for second degree medical students. Applicants are asked to complete an application form and provide financial information and the contact details of two referees. The process takes approximately four weeks from the receipt of a fully completed application.

The fund does not pay off debts or make grants for private medical expenses, legal fees, career development costs, mortgages or childcare costs.

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